Nicky Zwaan & House of Bouw

Nicky Zwaan & House of Bouw

Nicky Zwaan & House of Bouw

For us, art and architecture naturally follow from each other. For example Nicky used the lights with coloured shadows in her art installations. And then Joris/ House of Bouw asked her to collaborate on the light for a restaurant he was designing. We kept the prism/geometric form as a basis for the armatures, but in most rooms of the restaurant we used white light, because it fit the context. Instead of coloured light we used coloured armatures. Regarding architecture, we don't see the object as a separate thing, it is always viewed in relation to its surroundings, and usually it is not clear where one begins or the other ends.

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3.10 out of 5 based on 10 customer ratings
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10 reviews for Nicky Zwaan & House of Bouw

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