XS ARCHITECTURE is a new crossover design platform which promotes work that intersects architecture at a smaller [xs] scale. Our aim is to form a lively podium for architects, designers and artists to exhibit and sell their work. We want a worldwide audience to observe, discuss and buy items that signal design evolution – cross-discipline collaborations in design and production methods are bringing about a whole new era of objects and ways to design and make. The platform finds designers out of their original context, making objects and prototypes that utilise their skills in another way but show clear architectural influences – whether that is an architect designing a product or a product designer influenced by architecture.

Shop in XS

Buy objects and prototypes from architects, artists and designers who have tried their hand at something that crosses their main trade. The online shop sells works according to designer and category, showing a range of products from furniture, lighting and wearables to more architectonic objects such as models, drawings and photography.


Products Tell a Story

Next to the shop, you’ll find the XS Blog which offers visitors that additional insight into what’s going on at the intersection of architecture, art and design. The blog introduces new products and designers, as well as reporting on any interesting products, designers and events we’ve discovered through XS SAW – things we’ve seen and want to share with you. Naturally, the blog is interactive, as we want readers to react and discuss our posts – opening critical debate is something we want to encourage online and offline.


Whos Behind the Object?

We want to promote the designers who have taken a leap into the other direction. Many objects on the platform have been designed by architects, but we also present designers and artists offering products with clear architectural features: design by architects – architecture by designers. We think it’s important to showcase the designers that have deviated from their original trade and scales to create a range of exciting products.


Bringing You Closer to Products

In addition to the online platform XS ARCHITECTURE regularly organises exhibitions and other events to promote the online collection and participating designers. In September 2013 the first XS ARCHITECTURE MARKET took place at Cityscapes Gallery, located on Museumplein in one of Amsterdam’s cultural hubs. The opening exhibition, supported by AFK [Amsterdamfondkunst], focussed on the polarity between ‘design by architects’ and ‘architecture by designers’. In January 2014, we started with our first XS SALON, inviting some architects and designers to show and discuss their products. Keep an eye out for this years events!

XS Team


Bastiaan Gribling

Trained as an architect, Bastiaan Gribling chose to explore the line between architecture and other disciplines. With his office Citythoughts Architects he worked as architect, urbanist, writer and curator. In 2011 he founded Cityscapes Gallery, an art gallery that focuses on the combination of art and architecture. Although an adept at urban culture, he regularly exchanges the turmoil of the city for the serenity of his mountain hideout in the French Pyrenees.


Parvinder Marwaha

British-born and Indian-bred editor/curator Parvinder Marwaha studied architecture at Manchester. Amsterdam’s architecture and design scene led her to the city, as well the obvious perks of canal-side living. She writes for MARK magazine, as well as other publications and contributes to organisations with architecture/ design interests. When she’s not in work mode, you’ll find her cooking curries and bumping into things.